Lobbying in the Austin capital!!

Hi there! As you know, we are Lila Mankad and Caoilin Krathaus. We are 12, and live near Little White Oak Bayou, and it bothers us that it's full of trash. We decided to do something about it, and together, we started a petition to ban plastic bags in Houston. We want Houston to be known for moss hanging in it's trees, not plastic.  We have come far, and currently have about 2,500 signatures.                          

But all of this hard work could be unraveled if Senate Bill 103 passed, which would prohibit local bag ordinances. We couldn't let this bill pass unnoticed. So one early April morning, we, as well as our fathers, packed into the car to go lobby against Senate bill 103, and to lobby for House bill 3482, which would allow cities to have bag ordinances. We marched right into the capital, through the rotunda, and with Texas Campaign for the Environment, we lobbied in many, many offices. We met a incredible variety of people, and in every office we visited, we delivered our speech. Overall, it was a experience we will never forget. We learned so much that day that we will value for the rest of our lives.

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