We live in Houston, Texas, near Woodland Park along Little White Oak Bayou. The beautiful tree limbs stretching along the shores of our bayou we love are filled with birds and squirrels and lizards and opossums and insects and...plastic bags. The single use bags you get for free at the grocery. Our neighbors and scout troops are always out there picking up the litter-- which also includes styrofoam, water bottles, straws, tires, old banners, and candy wrappers -- but after every storm, even more trash washes back into our bayou. When we were young, we just thought that's what the bayous had to look like; as we got older, it really started to bother us.

We didn't want to be the kind of people that just complain, so we became the kind that change the world for the better. We launched a campaign to get single-use plastic bags banned in Houston and it's blossomed into many other projects you can read more about. We also have a petition we would love you to sign now, so you can become part of the story where plastic waste is eliminated from our waterways, ranches, streets, and bayous. 

Please join our cause and help Houston be known for moss in it's trees, not plastic.